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  • Clear view for the future
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A warm welcome to the Bauerschmidt group of companies based in Struth-Helmershof in the state of Thuringia. Our company specialises in developing, manufacturing and printing plastic bags, sacks, wrapping materials, protective covers for clothes, rectangular shrinkage covers, protective sheeting and construction foil made of LDPE, HDPE, Coex and “BIRBALIN” special foil.

Active in the film manufacturing field since 1966, we have a rich store of experience and comprehensive know-how in producing and processing of film packages of LDPE, HDPE, three-layer co-extrusion, special film “BIRBALIN” and recycled polyethylene film.

Bauerschmidt Kunststoff GmbH and Horst Bauerschmidt KG are family-operated businesses.

With our well-trained staff and state-of- the-art production facilities, we are able to meet the most exacting requirements, and provide face-to-face advisory services when trying to solve your specific tasks. Starting with warranting the specific film parameters and high-quality film refinement with the aid of flexo printing and inline printing through to pollutant-free production and waste disposal, we will be glad to offer you the benefit of our competence and commitment.

“Technically, high standard machinery, innovative film materials refined by flexography and sophisticated confection, is the basis for economic success and a satisfied customer.”

Horst Bauerschmidt