Our high-tech extrusion systems rank among the most modern. Six extruders with a film output between 40 kg/h and 400 kg/h ensure maximum flexibility for every volume of order. Thus, even with a monthly production of more than 500,000 kg of LD or HD film, we are still able to fulfill urgent bulk orders in full. Two of our extrusion systems are 3 three-layer co extrusion units, with which it is possible to produce especially durable films. The equipment is supplemented by 7 high silos with a potential capacity of 160 tons of film granulate. We dispose of the most up-to-date equipment – a computer-controlled regulation of thickness, width and edge regulation. Providing the high flexibility that the market calls for in the production of films with highest quality requires having the best trained and motivated personnel.


By means of our extrusion and co-extrusion machines we are capable of producing a large range of film width and thickness for all desired applications.

Jens w.