Our products include films made of LD, HD, three-layer co-extrusion, high quality polyethylene films of the „BIRBALIN“ quality brand, and recycled polyethylene films. All films may be provided with Recy printing, Green Dot, Interseroh sign and a licensed number if required.
Our company practices an exemplary environmental policy that focuses on a pollutant-free production of films, which are also 100% recyclable, and circulating scrap film back into the raw material cycle with the aid of a repelletizing system.
We are also able to manufacture films out of renewable raw materials / bio-granulates of all dimensions and designs mentioned alongside.

Product range

Type of useWidth rangeLength rangeVersion supplied
PE bags or sacks and cut-to-size items, adhesive-closing bags70 - 950 mm60 - 1200 mmwith side-seam welding and punched, loose in carton
Sacks, bags and cut-to-size items70 - 2500 mm250 - 4000 mmwith bottom-seam-welding and punching (available with intermittent bottom seam), loose in carton
Covers, hoods, sacks, bags, cut-to-size items and protective covers for clothes80 - 2500 mminfinitestraight-shoulder, cross-shoulder welding and
punching, made-up goods perforated and welded, on roll with 76 mm core
Block bottom bags, blocked bags200 - 1600 mmwith bottom-seam welding
Y rectangular shrinkage coversPacking height up to
2500 mm
15000 mmloose or perforated and punched
Flexo printing with up to 6 colors
Y rectangular shrinkage covers, sacks, bags, covers, hoodsup to 2200 mmup to 2300 mmon Europallets
Inline printing with up to 8 colors
Tubular film, flat film,
block size (Width 480 x 1450 mm,
Length 680 x 2550 mm)
900 mm
up to
2600 mm
scatter printing /
state of print
rolls on Europallets
Films for food- and pharmaindustriesall dimensionsall dimensionsall versions



A product of our own material combination which makes possible to reduce thickness up to 25% compared to a conventional LDPE-film.